Dramatic Site Specific Sculpture:
Altering Durham's Sculptural Landscape
with Natural and Salvaged Materials since 2003

* Check out my "Horse With No Name", a near life size horse sculpture of scavenged metal in the backyard of 2321 Alabama Ave. It's a corner lot and the horse sculpture is visible from the Alabama Ave. side.

* Two of my small scale pieces have been accepted in the Durham Art Guild juried show, which runs from Nov. 20-Jan. 22, 2010. The pieces are Tinbrella (for people who REALLY  like the sound of rain on a tin roof) and Digital Freedom.

You can now see a short video of the creation of my sculpture
"If Columbus Never Came", by clicking on

The video is dedicated to John Blackfeather of the
Occaneechi-Saponi tribe.

The text near the end of the video needs some improvement, which we are working on. TIll then, the same text is visible here with the still photos:

You can also check out still photos of this dynamic burn scuplture that I call a phoenix garden at this site:


When you're ready to have some kind of phoenix garden/sculpture created in an open field--call me.

My work on this piece was featured in the Herald-Sun. It's called Castle Oak and kids in the neighborhood decorate it with their toy knights and dragons. Adults bring their out-of-town visitors by for a look. I'm about to start work on another tree sculpture in Duke Park as a gift to the neighborhood.

I've created 21 site specific sculptures in Durham including:

* "What are Trees Good For?" at the Trinity Park (corner of Trinity and Watts)

* Castle Oak 1 & 2 at 2109 Woodrow Ave. (pics above)

* "Biker Bar" bike rack at 101 E. Geer St. parking lot

* and various copper trellises, sculptural clothesline posts and more

 and during ArtWalk and the occasional Third Friday,
you can find my  work at:

Ramshackle Studio
(upstairs from the old Palms Restaurant) where I put together smaller scale "table top" pieces, such as "Waiting for Bastille Day" and "No Time for Old Time, I Scream".

In the future, you will find pics of my work here.

Contact me at frankhyman@liberatedgardener.net to get pics and learn more.

Free Fido--a temporary installation by my wife, Chris and I, at the traffic circle in Duke Park neighborhood. The piece is a protest against the practice of chaining dogs for long periods.