The World’s Best Tomato Cages
For sale for $16 each.

For pickup only on Sat. April 7, 2018:



*  2-4pm.

If you can't make that date, you'll have to get a friend to pick them up for you--no exceptions.

Pickup only at
1412 N. Mangum St, Durham, NC 27701

I’m making and selling the world’s best tomato cages again this spring. Have sold about 100 of them each of the last 7 years to gardeners. They are made from rolls of heavy-duty concrete-reinforcing wire ( you need bolt-cutters to cut it and a truck to haul it).

Why Buy These Cages?

1) Bigger than store bought cages, which are much too small.

2) Cost much less than big cages available online.

3) Will last for decades even if stored outside (as mine are).

4) Openings in cages are 6"x6" so you can pick a 1-pound tomato easily.

5) The permanent, hard patina of brown rust looks great in the garden.

6) Don't need staking; the tops of 3-4 cages can be tied together so they don't blow over.

You must pay in advance (via Paypal below)--so that I can buy enough rolls of wire ahead of time to make enough cages for everyone.

Number of cages

The cages have a light coating of rust, so bring an old sheet or something to cover them if you are going to put them in your car (they're big--5 feet tall x18 inches wide). Or just bring an old car or better yet a pickup truck/SUV/van.  :-)
I recommend a minimum of 3 cages. Why? That way you’ll have enough tomatoes for your household and to give away. Also because 3 or more cages touching each other in a triangle (or a square) are the right spacing for tomatoes and most importantly, tying the tops together with twine will keep them from blowing over without the hassle of staking them.